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There are many women entrepreneurs out there, but how many are truly empowered? It’s the woman who knows she needs to grow and evolve. Somewhere along the line, she has decided that success is for other people and that she is not quite good enough. She knows she has to get out of the stories that keep her stuck, and she yearns for the tools that will get her on that larger stage.

In the 1990’s Ellie began leading, coaching and consulting with women entrepreneurs. She began working with The Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO) and was the first facilitator hired by the organization, which is now 90 facilitators strong. It was here that she really was able to get into the trenches with women business owners, many of whom were startups and give them the knowledge and skills she has acquired in the 35 years of running her own company. She now leads the prestigious Platinum Groups of the WPO, which is for women who have businesses of $10 million and over.

Now she is taking her skills and passion to help Entrepreneurs ……

The Empowered Entrepreneur 12 Month Program

  1. The Power of Intention – we have to be clear on our intention. It creates alignment with our goals so that we can become congruent.  This is a practice. The goal is authenticity.


  1. We are Powerful Creators – We all have the ability to shape our experiences.


  1. Our Disempowering Story – Learning to erase the story that is disabling us from being successful.


  1. Getting Beyond Ego – What our ego wants is not always what’s in our best interest. Checking in with our essential self will give us answers and clues to our next best steps.


  1. Tackling fear – Understanding that we live in a friendly universe.


  1. Creative visualization


  1. Developing Intuition – “Dancing with your gut,” intuition brings clarity and guidance.


  1. The Laws of Attraction – We create with our thoughts and feelings.


  1. Creating Abundance 


  1. Living from Possibility – Learning to disassemble our possibility “ceilings.”


  1. Creating a System for Living – Something you put into practice everyday, like:


        1. Meditation
        2. Creative visualization
        3. Intention setting
        4. Inspirational reads
        5. Rampage of appreciation


  1. Contextualizing the dark side – Mining for the breakthrough. We all have been through dark times when things feel like they falling apart, we are at loose ends. We all know how bad this can feel. Yet, our darkest hours, our breakdowns can lead to breakthroughs. When we see things crumbling and breaking down, this is the time to truly tune in to what is happening and see it as a growth opportunity.


  1. Our Story – Many of us are unaware that we’re living from the past. We have a story that develops when we were young, and we made a decision about our self. We end up living our life based on that story. Once we distinguish the story that has been responsible for our limiting beliefs, we begin to prosper. In essence we have created a new narrative.


  1. The Inside Out Approach – Assessing inner guidance, sensing the spirit within. When we approach from outside in, we don’t get the same results.

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